Living Coral: What 2019’s Color of the Year Means for Home Design

Living Coral: What 2019’s Color of the Year Means for Home Design

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  • 03/7/19

Elevate your home with this year’s hottest color.

Living Coral recently joined the prestigious ranks of Ultra Violet, Rose Quartz, and Tangerine Tango as Pantone’s newest Color of the Year. Though this color heavily influences clothing manufacturers and makeup brands, it can also inspire you in your own personal interior design. Let’s talk about the history of this color and how you can use it to take your piece of San Francisco real estate to the next level. 

Why Living Coral?

How exactly was Living Coral chosen? It may seem like an interesting choice considering the last few years have highlighted tamer, darker selections. Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute Leatrice Eiseman says it’s all about connection and bringing people together. “The humanizing and heartening qualities” of the color “hit a responsive chord.”

What Feeling does it Evoke?

Living Coral is a particularly interesting color in that it evokes both comfort and calmness but also energy and vitality--it is bold and welcoming all at once. Because the color comes from the sea, there is a sense of nature and beachiness, too. It can be perfect for homes in tropical climates or spaces that could use a little warmth year-round.

With What Colors Should You Pair It?

Because of its versatility, Living Coral works with many different colors depending on the vibe you want to exude. Due to its peach-like appearance, pairing it with similarly-toned pinks and beiges can accentuate the softness and soothing qualities. Mixing in greens and blues makes for a truly oceanic environment. 

Its golden undertones juxtaposed next to vivid yellows and oranges can make for a sunset-inspired area, and more neutral greys and browns can cause the coral to be a focal point that really pops. It’s hard to go wrong, as Living Coral brings uniqueness to any palette.

What Materials Should I Use?

Like its color combinations, Living Coral can be successfully integrated with many different materials. Margaret Naeve, the interior designer behind M Naeve, is a fan of using it as an accent with wood, marble, and velvet furniture.

Other designers have painted entire walls of Living Coral. Because of its natural invitingness, Eddie Ross from Maximalist Studios used it for a Hampton's entryway. Jessica McCarthy of JAM Creative Studio decorated a nursery for twin girls while Janie Molster of Janie Molster Designs incorporated it into a bedroom for a teenage boy, proving its truly universal nature. 

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