8 Trending Patterns to Integrate Into Your Home Decor

8 Trending Patterns to Integrate Into Your Home Decor

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  • 06/25/19

Make your space pop with these trendy designs.

Breaking out of your comfort zone can seem daunting—especially at home. Where should you start, and how much is too much? These eight trendy patterns are sure to take your home to the next level, adding style and character to your decor.

1. Ripe Fruits

Fruit-inspired decor can stretch far beyond the walls of the kitchen. Invite this fun pattern into the living room for an eclectic flair. Match bright strawberries with a striking blue for a high contrast statement, or keep it peachy with this stone fruit-inspired duvet and soft apricot undertones throughout the bedroom. 

2. Bold Graffiti 

Street art has been challenging creative norms for decades, and adding it to your home is bound to bring out your adventurous side. Perfect for a throw pillow, this energizing print can amplify the aesthetic of any room into an urban masterpiece. 

3. Light as a Feather

Need to add a natural accent to an industrial loft or lighten up a backyard patio? Adding pillows with a feather print can spark a bohemian ambiance that lifts moods and ups a room’s style.   

4. Dalmatian Days

The boring decor is for the dogs. This recent addition to the long-lasting animal print motif trend is inherently minimalist. Dress up your bedroom with fun Dalmatian print pillowcases or blankets.

5. Great Agate

Agate is both a type of microcrystalline quartz and your new favorite throw pillow pattern. With a little more colorful character than stark marble, this pattern rocks. Whether you opt for striking cobalt blue or an accent color more subdued, adding agate should be on your home decor to-do.  

6. Targeting Tartan

Tartan dates back to Scottish woven wool, and it can quickly update your home into a cozy retreat. Of course, breaking out a heavy throw when autumn cools off your slice of San Francisco real estate is a simple solution, but don’t be afraid to dream bigger. Tartan has broken seasonal boundaries and can be used year-round as rugs and accent chairs. 

7. Going, Going, Hexagon

Invite a playful hexagonal print into your home for a sweet, subtle earthiness. Reminiscent of honeycombs, this pattern can work in any room of the house. A hexagonal kitchen backsplash? Absolutely. A piece of funky hexagonal artwork for your mantle? Of course. Hexagon Tile in the bathroom? Sure! Wherever you put it, this pattern will liven up the space.

8. All for Floral 

Think floral patterns are out of style? Think again. Large-scale floral can be the perfect kitchen wallpaper. If you want something a little more understated, try a dainty daisy print on curtains. Whether you want something modest and sophisticated or bold and bright, this timeless pattern can do it all. 

Mix and match your favorite patterns to create a look that’s all your own. Choose complimentary styles and colors for the perfect collection of prints. Pair large-scale floral wallpaper with a splash of Dalmatian print pillows, or combine spray paint-inspired wall art with a honeycomb rug. The possibilities are endless. 

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