5 Ways to Implement Maximalism into Your Home

5 Ways to Implement Maximalism into Your Home

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  • 05/9/19

Integrate one of the year’s hottest interior design styles into your home with these tips and tricks.

Maximalism is one of this year’s hottest interior design trends. A direct retaliation to minimalism, maximalism is an aesthetic of boldness and excess. This exuberant style can be seen everywhere, from the gilded halls of Versailles to your friend’s couch brimming with throw pillows. Instead of stark, minimalist rooms, maximalism utilizes and fills the spaces of your home. However, this display isn’t random--rather, it is an abundance of the things you love. 

The best part about maximalism is its uniqueness. There is no wrong way to go about it, and since the style is based on adding to the things you enjoy, the end result will be yours and yours alone. Here are a few ways to apply maximalism to your home.

Don’t Skimp on Color

Color is the basis of the maximalist style. Start with a basic palette and go from there. Don’t be afraid of using dark colors, either. Dark blacks and blues are great colors for walls--just make sure to fill the remainder of the space with bold and bright accents. 

Art, Art, and more Art

Gallery walls are a staple of the style. As long as you like what’s in the frame, add it to the space. Fill the wall from floor to ceiling, and forget about the standard rules for the size and subject of the artwork. As long as you stick to a uniform spacing, the only guideline you need is personal taste.


Like art, books can be a staple of the maximalist style. They can be stacked on end tables, laid out on coffee tables, or lined on a bookshelf. The more the better.

Keep it Personal

The best part of this style is its ability to showcase what you love, so your space should be a reflection of your taste. Favorite colors, fabrics, photographs, styles, and furniture can (and should) all be incorporated. Don’t stress about fads or trends--with maximalism, it’s all about you. To avoid looking too random, pick a couple of base colors or themes and go wild.

Stay Comfortable

Unlike minimalism, maximalism is all about comfort. Think about bringing in the coziness and comfort of Hygge and adding a splash of color and a bit of glamour. Make sure to include your favorite fabrics and patterns. 

The San Francisco real estate market is the perfect place for a maximalist home. Stop by Green Apple Books to load up on titles from your favorite author, or go to Stuff and find some vintage accents to add to your collection. Maximalism is one of the design world’s hottest styles, and all you need to do to pull it off is showcase your personality.

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